Federazione Internazionale FIPP: 3 pillole delle notizie più “calde” dal mondo media

Digital single-copy sales and subs doing well
Magazine circulation continues to shift from print to digital. In the news magazine segment single-copy sales are doing rather well. The numbers for digital subscriptions are showing slight growth.
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Publishers are waking up to the power of smartphone video
Nikolay Malyarov is the chief content officer at PressReader, a leading digital distribution and publishing operator. He was moderating sessions for us at the FIPP Asia-Pacific Conference in Singapore last month, so we figured he’d be a pretty good person to give us a birds-eye view on the most important current industry trends.
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Lessons from The New York Times on virtual reality
In twelve months, The New York Times has learned a lot about VR as a storytelling medium, according to Andy Wright, SVP of advertising and publisher of The New York Times Magazine, who has been spearheading virtual reality at the company.
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